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Stonebrook Basement

It's hard to believe this bright, airy space is a basement. High ceilings and large windows give it a surprisingly open feel, and a custom "floating" wood ceiling warms the space up.


The TV and other electronics are seamlessly integrated to make this a fantastic space for movie night or watching the nightly news. All of the components are completely hidden in the floor to ceiling cabinetry behind the wall- no ugly cables or black boxes, and one remote to rule them all!

The floor to ceiling cabinets behind the TV wall are massive custom units paint matched to the wall colour so they almost disappear as you walk by.  Perfect for storing large and seasonal items while keeping an open floor plan. 

Minimalist trim, painted concrete floors, and gorgeous recessed California shutters complete the look.

• Painted Floors • New Lighting • Custom Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry • New Doors • Custom "Floating" Wood Ceiling • New Casing & Baseboard • Recessed California Shutters • Paint • Seamless Media Integration •

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